Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anne Marie & Thomas's Barcelona Wedding

It was the 1st of May. National holiday, the labor day, the sunny beautiful day in Barcelona. Streets of the city were filled with people, I have never seen Barceloneta beach so crowded, ever:)) And there we go - Anne Marie [ Bride ] , Thomas [ Groom ] and us marching through these crowds of holiday makers and holiday-happy residents enjoying their free day in the sun :)) The Newlyweds were being continuously and cheerfully congratulated on their wedding by, virtually, every passer-by. There were crowds simultaneously clapping and loudly voicing their marriage advices " aguanta tio, aguanta!" . The Groom was given free Segway ride and hundreds of tourist took home snapshots of the wedding couple.

Our memories and memory cards :) were filled with warm, sunny, happy moments:)) Here is small selection from the photos. I hope you like it:)) Congratulations Anne Marie and Thomas!

 fot. Ola Hopper / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
        Lisa Hatle   / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES


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