Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alex & Verity / Casa Felix

Alex and Verity got married in one of the most beautiful Masias you can find in Garraf. Right at the gate of old Olivella, hidden in between the mountains, lovely old Catalan Masia - Casa Felix. What a place! With violent May "tormenta" in the morning of the wedding day - we all looked quite worried up into the skies but by the noon - the hot Spanish sun came out and blue skies accompanied all until the end of the day. We had wonderful time on the shoot and throughout the entire wedding day, lots of laughs, great Bridesmaids and beautiful, beautiful background for the photos.
Congratulations Verity & Alex. It was truly beautiful day!

Congratulations Guys! :))))))))



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  2. Oh, my Ghosh! This can’t get any better. It is perfect! I want this photographer for my prewedding and wedding photographs. Everything has been captured finely. My wedding is next year in venue NYC and I hope I am not late in informing because I loved this post. I am saving it for ideas. I will contact the photographer as soon as possible.