Friday, July 5, 2013

Kartine & Jens & Gustavo ... hmmm... what???!!!

I have met beautiful Katrine in her Andante hotel room, right next to Las Ramblas. There were eight of us girls in this hotel room, dresses, shoes, strawberries and cava. I don't know how we managed to fit in there:)) After an hour of bit hectic logistics, me, the Bride and two bridesmaids left the hotel room for the Church. And we met .... Gustavo ....... Oh Gustavo! ( for contact info please see below)

Gustavo drove us, in his 1920-ties Ford,  from Drassanes, past by busy rondo at the bottom of Las Ramblas, along the port of Barcelona, up Via Laietana  up to the Church on c/ Bruc. He did not stop honking even for a half minute. The car's ancient horn was so unusual and so loud that we attracted huge amount attention of the passerbyers , fellow drivers and police. Everyone waived, clapped or shouted out Enhorabuena !!!!

Same happened after beautiful religious ceremony at Norwegian Church of Barcelona, when we drove together with happily married couple Katrine & Jens up to the restaurant in the hills of Barcelona.  It was truly unique experience, it was truly beautiful wedding day.
Thank you for letting me be with you on this special day.

Enhorabuena Kartine and Jens!



Enhorabuena Kartine and Jens!


Gustavo is really nice Spanish driver, antique car collector and owner of the El Coche de Bodas company. He is ultra helpful, cheerful and simply - really good guy:)  And he has heavy hand on that horn!!!  Be aware! :))          (34) 609.778.908

      Andrew Witek /FOTOGRAFIA SITGES

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