Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Wedding Day Katie !

Katie and Mark are our neighbors, but I got to know them only when Katie contacted me about her upcoming wedding.  It has been almost a year ago (a long time Katie, right? :)  Recently she mentioned to me that she vaguely remembers many details of her wedding day.  I assured her this happens so often!  The pace of the day is soooo crazy, with months of planning many little and huge things all happening together on that day.  Moments big and small, places grand and beautiful and most importantly friends and family gathered together for one wonderful event.  We hope these photos will remind everyone and more so you both of that wonderful day and be a part of the lasting memory for years to come.  It was a truly beautiful day, from early < hot, hot, hot> morning til the cool and refreshing late night.  Congratulations Katie and Mark!  We wish you both continued love and happiness in your marriage <3 <3 <3

Congratulations Katie and Mark <3

       Andrew Witek / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES

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