Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Toril and Goran / September Wedding in Barcelona

I could swear I was at my friends' wedding:) oh, only if I spoke Norwegian ...
Toril and Goran came to Barcelona last year to see the venue, the Church and meet the photographer:) Since that meeting we exchanged thousand emails:)
September came in a hurry and Toril, Goran and three dozens of Trondheimers :) landed back into the El Prat to embark on this adventure. The preparations were held in Miramar Hotel, overlooking the port of Barcelona, where the Bride and Groom were preparing separately in their suites [Goran mostly in the bathroom-see photos:))]
We all left the hotel accompanied by Gustavo and his 1920-ties, loud-honking super-polished limousine:) blaring our way through busy Barcelona. The ceremony was held at Sjomanskirken Church followed by the photo shoot in Bario Gotico. The reception and dancing was back at Miramar hotel, with many speeches, many tears and toasts to the Newlyweds.
Congratulations Goran, congratulations Toril! We expect you back to Barcelona next year <3

        Lisa Hatle    / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES

wedding planner BARCELONA BRYLLUP www.barcelonabryllup.com
venue Hotel Miramar, Barcelona

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  1. Wow, this is one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have ever seen in my life. I must say that you are a very good event planner and everything in the wedding seems to look perfect.