Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How Kristy introduced " First Look" to Spain :)))

I have never heard of "First Look" before:) When Kristy asked me to photograph her and Mark's first look - I was .. petrified :))) What is it??????!!! :))) OMG!
She kindly sent me some links to photos of this, obviously quite popular in US, new to us tradition.  So, yes, Kristy introduced it to Spain and our wedding society! Thank you Kristy, I wonder how it is going to be translated into Spanish wedding vocabulary:)))
On the wedding day, me and second photographer Lina, have divided our photo-duties and discussed how we are going approach this 1-minute event, when it is quite crucial to capture the expression on both Bride and Groom's faces. Lina was shooting the Bride entering and approaching the Groom and I was on the opposite side - photographing the Groom and his "first look" :)
We blindfolded Mark with his auntie's bright colorful scarf, the best men guided him to Bride's suite and out onto the balcony. After letting his eyes adjust to midday spanish sun, Kristy came out of her suite and ... the rest you can see on the photos. I have to be honest with you, the first free moment I had on the wedding day - I looked through the photos on the camera to make sure they are correct, in focus and present.:)) Still bit stressed that it is one kind of a moment that you can not ask to be repeated:) UFFFF :))))))

fot.  Ola Hopper / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
        Lina Rutskye / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
edit. Ramiro Elena / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
venue. Cal Bernadas / El Munt, Castelltercol

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