Friday, August 31, 2012

From Bergen to Barcelona ::: Norsk Bryllup i Barcelona

Kristin y Haakon got married in June in Norwegian Church of Barcelona, followed by reception in Can Cortada restaurant. During the reception I noticed something really unusual going on .... hmmmm. Shortly after the Bride departed with her Maid of Honor to refresh their make ups :) all girls, married or single, suddenly started approaching the Groom, formed long line and .. one by one started kissing "big-smile-happy" Haakon. It took me by surprise! I did not know what to do!! Should I photograph it .. or Bride should not know ???? :)

I am sooo happy and grateful to be able to experience this diversity of traditions. With so many international clients every reportage carries it's unique character and dynamics. And .. if you happen to be Norwegian male - you get to be kissed by all these beautiful girls .. on your wedding day .. after you got married, ha! Did you know that ?? HERLIG !

Congratulations Kristin and Haakon!


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